Here we will tell you about new developments in social media marketing in China. Social networks and authentic content will become the main drivers in the nearest future.

Social media marketing in China

It is true that China does not let some international websites and networks operate in the country. Instead it has developed its own platforms, which often resemble their counterparts. For example, the design of Baidu, the leading search engine in China, is similar to that of Google.

Since the Chinese companies have had no competitors on the domestic market, they managed to create their own digital system, which sometimes is larger than that of the West.

Here are some examples:

  • Sina Weibo (counterpart of Twitter) – 600 million users;
  • WeChat (messenger) – 468 million users;
  • Tencent QQ (messenger) – 830 million users;
  • QZone (counterpart of MySpace) – 755 million users;

The list can be much longer with a number of specialized websites. Moreover, some advanced technologies like video streaming and animated graphics are actively used.

There are 659 million active users of social networks and about 400 million users use mobile devices to access social networks. These numbers are supposed to significantly increase in 2017. Therefore, this already a huge market will become even bigger soon. Access to the Chinese networks will potentially allow you to reach millions of readers and customers.


How do Chinese companies use social media marketing?

  • Social media marketing is recognized as an important marketing mean by almost all companies in China;
  • About a third of companies will give up the traditional advertising methods and start using more modern ones in 2014-2017.
  • More than 80% of companies use social media to increase sales and generate leads.

Many companies understand that it is possible to effectively sell their products and services through social media. So how can one achieve better results on this market?


What kind of content should one create in China

Many platforms were not allowed to be used till 2013 and development of email marketing was hindered by law. Marketers use the following strategies for content marketing.


  1. Events и Live Speaking

Chinese like group communication. Moreover, live communication is preferred to texting. That is why companies often organize meetings, conferences, contests, and many other events that include live communications.

  1. Branded platforms and niche blogs. Chinese like brands and trust branded platforms. Therefore, creating a niche blog for the Chinese market is a nice idea.


Blogging and Email Marketing

Blogging and Email Marketing are actively developing in China. This trend is supposed to reach its peak in about 2 years. These means should be used if you plan to deal with content marketing in China.


It is strongly advisable to use highly professional translators, whose mother tongue is Mandarin. It will allow your content sound naturally and professionally.

Authenticity is the most important thing to pay attention to here. Your materials should sound genuinely Chinese.

More tips:

  1. Design. Since the Chinese language is very visual, the Chinese thinking is also influenced by this fact. It means that your websites should include more visual than written information.
  2. Live events. It is quite popular in China today;
  3. Weibo as a distribution channel. Weibo is becoming the main social network to distribute content. More than 85% of companies have an account there;
  4. Hash tags. Hash tags are very useful in Weibo. You may use them to increase visibility of your content.
  5. Influencer Marketing. This is one of the main trends today. Leaders and opinions play quite an important role in modern China. That is why there is a tool for working with leading minds, which is called “Key Opinion leaders”. It allows people monetize through a recommendation system.
  6. QRcodes. ВChina is a huge country, therefore, your events should be accompanied by QR-codes;
  7. Colors are important. НColor perception is a bit different in the Chinese culture. You should analyze what colors are suitable for particular products and services.


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