China’s market is an ever changing one. The following review of websites about Chinese marketing will help you stay informed. Take a look at the list and choose the most suitable ones for your aims.

China Marketing Tips

This is an informative blog about marketing in China. The author shares his experience and insights on how to be successful in one’s marketing efforts in China. It also provides services in the field of SEO, social media, email marketing, market research, advertising and more. Everything has a connection to China.


GO-Globe is an award-winning website design company, which specializes in web design, web application development, e-commerce, SEO, and corporate identity. It has completed more than 500 projects.

We Love WeChat

This website is devoted to marketing on WeChat. It may help you get your brand on WeChat, develop marketing apps, advertise on WeChat.

Chairman Migo

This website is a content and social media marketing agency, which provides social media management and content creation services. It contains articles about marketing in China and Asia. It also focuses on client services.

What’s on Weibo

What’s on Weibo is a blog, which will provide you with insightful articles on the Chinese society, culture and history. Its purpose is to let people and companies to better understand modern China’s social trends without being able to read in Chinese.


Global Biz Circle is a website powered by It provides companies with content that allows them to be successful in a global e-commerce environment.


China Skinny

China Skinny is another online marketing and research agency, which serves clients across a wide range of industries. Their services help international companies enter the Chinese market or grow their share in China.

Tech Node

Tech Node is a website in English and Chinese, which features news on start-up entrepreneurs, investors, large companies and industry trends in China and Asia.

It is founded by one of the most influential Chinese tech bloggers, Gang Lu. One is welcome to submit a guest post on the website.

Marketing to China

This marketing agency offers services for businesses in market research, e-commerce and advertising. Its aim is to inform readers about the Chinese market.

China law blog

The website discusses the practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business there. It tells how a businessperson can use the law to their advantage. Their aim is to help businesses in China or planning to go into China.

China Daily

The website provides information and news on business, lifestyle, culture travel and more. The business section includes the following subcategories: macro, companies, industries, technology, finance etc. It also gives an opportunity to create a free blog there. One may write and make friends on the forum.

Jing Daily

Jing Daily presents itself as the leading website on luxury consumer trends in China. People visiting Jing Daily will get fresh and accurate insights into luxury industry. They publish reports on key trends, insights from leading industry figures, and in-depth analysis on this market.

Campaign Asia

Campaign Asia provides insights into the ideas, and personalities that shape the regional marketing and communications industry. The website provides meaningful information on vital subjects and presents deep analysis for companies acting in the fastest growing communications market on Earth.


Kantar China Insights is a website in English and Chinese, which offers a free database of deep statistics and expert commentary on business, tech and consumer issues.

You may download visuals and infographics for your website. Users are welcome to explore the data to create their own stories. The company works across the whole spectrum of research and consulting disciplines. You may request further information, interview one of their experts, or request a poll.

E-marketing China

The platform provides Chinese digital marketing services. It tests, and helps companies develop e-business in China. The services include website localization, adwords, off-site marketing, link building, social marketing and more. The company has 8 years’ experience of China online marketing.

Final remarks:

Do you know some other platforms?

Please feel free to comment and add your blogs or websites.


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