I moved to the capital of China three years ago and these turned out to be quite exciting for me. I was happy to find new opportunities for self-development and cooperation.

Not everything was perfect from the start, and I remember my difficulties buying food and getting used to the transportation system. However, after I managed to cope with these issues some other ones emerged. These were connected with mistakes when communicating with locals. These mistakes were caused by my lack of cultural competence rather than linguistic barrier. For example, I did not pay sufficient attention to “mianzi” and jumped into discussions with new people. I also did not understand the importance of “guanxi” and the way it works and so on.templeheaven

Therefore, recently I decided to write a book to help others avoid such mistakes. It is indented to absorb all experiences in China during the last three years. My team members provided me with valuable pieces of advice. Our collaborations are also reflected in the book. Certainly I understand that Beijing is not the whole of China, but decided to give it a try.

When writing the book I was also inspired by authors, who visited China 10 years ago or even 100 years ago. I particularly like “Oracle bones” by Peter Hessler. It was interesting to get to know his perception of Beijing in 1999.

Now I am also contemplating whether I should include some interviews with successful expats in China. Will it become a good supplement? Would you like to read it?

I also started a blog about China, Chinese business culture and marketing. Please follow this blog if you are interested in updates about the book.

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